Sand Bucket with Shovel

Casual and Fun

Sand Bucket with Shovel

The Sand Bucket with Shovel is one of the most popular beach toys in the market right now for kids. Most kids love these sand buckets with shovels because this toy has multiple purposes for the beach. We rate this product 5/5 for kids beach toys. Good Luck with your Beach Toy search!

Sand Bucket with Shovel

BrandMelissa & Doug
SkillsCasual and Fun.
Why Buy?Because the Sand Bucket with Shovel is a great product that can be used for multiple purposes. The Sand Bucket with Shovel is great for the beach - and you'd be surprised with how much fun the children will have with just a simple bucket and shovel. Buy the Sand Bucket with Shovel.

"Perfect large size, great bright colors. The handle is sturdy and it comes with a hand shovel. I bought these for a summer party, giving flip flops and bubbles." - Jennifer F. (Amazon/Verified Purchase)

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