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SandHole is one of the most fun beach game sports on the market right now because of how competitive and casual the game can be with other people. This game is VERY SIMILAR to CornHole and is more specific to being the beach game of “CornHole”. We recommend seeing the tutorial listed below and exploring CornHole sets to see which beach game best fits your needs. With respect to the competitiveness, fun, and casualness of this SandHole beach game- we recommend this as a 5/5 Star rating - right next to CornHole. See Below for more information about SandHole and we hope that this is the right Beach Sport Game for you, Good Luck!

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Awesome Beach Game Similar to Cornhole

Easy Re-fillable Sand Bags

Brand Sand Hole
Details 2 targets & 8 refillable bags, 8 sand stakes & 2 cups, Includes carrying pouch
Why Buy? Because SandHole is great for the beach and fun to play with friends and family. Buy SandHole.

"Bought this for the family vacation in Cancun --- light, easy to pack and easy to set up on the beach. Just great to have while hanging out having cocktails on the sand!!!" - Dara (Amazon/Verified Purchase)

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