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RampShot is one of the very new and upcoming beach game sports on the market right now. This beach game was released recently and is extremely fun to play; Also, all RampShot ramps are manufactured in the United States and were designed to last. This beach game is very competitive, casual, and fun to play with friends and family - and you are only allowed to use 1 hand to catch the ball (if you want to be professional). The game is typically played 2 on 2 with general rules of placing the rampshot sets 15 feet apart and the shooter beginning behind the ramp to throw the two balls (one after another). Scoring: 3 points when you shoot the ball into the net, 1 point when the teammate catches a ball that bounces off the ramp, and specific re-shots when a defensive catch is made. See more Rules about RampShot HERE, and/or view the video below! With respect to the competitiveness, fun, casualness and easiness of this RampShot beach game- we recommend this as a 5/5 Star rating. See Below for more information about RampShot and we hope that this is the right Beach Sport Game for you, Good Luck!

The Rules of RampShot. 3 out of 4 players are involved in every play, increasing physical activity and fun.

The shooter throws 2 balls with the hope that his/her teammate will catch the bounce on the other side that the ball is being thrown to (1 point). Although, making it the net basket will count as 3!

The catcher tries to catch the ball with 1 hand after a bounce on the ramp (from the thrower on the same team) which will reward 1 point. The defender needs to start at the opposing ramp and cannot run-to-defend (catch a redirect) until the ball is thrown.

The 1 defender (on the opposing team of the thrower) is able to catch a redirected bounce that either gives a point back or just claims a free shot. I play with a free shot, meaning that if I defensively caught 1 ball, I will be able to throw 3 balls during my turn (rather than 2).

Brand RampShot
Skills Casual, Fun, and Competitive Sport.
Why Buy? Because this is an extremely fun beach game that is way more exciting than it originally looks. RampShot is a highly interactive game that develops motor skills and hand-eye coordination. You can get stuck playing this game for hours at a time because of how fun it is, trust me - I have been there! Buy the Ramp Shot Set!

"As the host of the world's largest Yard Games competition, The Yard Olympics, I can definitively say Rampshot is about as good as it gets in the Yard Game world. The game is the perfect combination of leisure-recreation, competition, and athleticism. While some yard games can become stale, no two games of Rampshot are ever completely the same." - Amazon Customer (Amazon/Verified Purchase)

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