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Pool Pong

Pool Pong is one of the most popular beach and pool games in the market right now. Pool Pong (or Inflatable Beer Pong) is a very fun beach game to play with friends and family at the beach because it is casual, competitive, and fun. The inflatable beer pong set is more-so for having fun without too much competitiveness with this set - and it can also be utilized as a floating beer or soda holder! If you are looking to have more competitive beer pong games within bodies of water, we recommend that you seek out the larger floatable and more sturdy pool pong set listed below, otherwise this simple, cheap, and great floating mini pool pong set is perfect. Each time you make a cup with a ping pong ball, it gets removed; the team that loses all of their cups loses the game - and there can be many unique rules such as getting re-racks, bounce shots, and more that can be further explained in the tutorial video below. With respect to the competitiveness, fun, casualness and easiness of this pool pong beach game- we recommend this as a 5/5 Star rating. See Below for more information about Pool Pong and the different sets available and we hope that this is the right Beach Sport Game for you, Good Luck!

BrandP&P Imports
VideoCheck out the Beer Pong Tutorial Video
SkillsCasual, Fun, and Competitive Sport.
Buy NowThis is a great pool pong product that can also be flipped to be a floating pool cooler for drinks. Buy this Pool Pong Set for. If you are a more competitive beer pong player, we would recommend a larger pool pong floatable table. Buy the Larger Pool Pong Set.

"This is not an item to take seriously, it is something to be used for fun. It has fewer amount of holes for cups but in my opinion is actually a good thing because it keeps the games shorter. The game is hard enough since the racks move in the water." - Michael (Amazon/Verified Purchase)

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