Kan Jam

Casual, Competitive, and Fun

Kan Jam

Kan Jam is one of the most fun beach game sports on the market right now and can be played on any table tops, ping pong tables, benches, and more. Kam Jam is extremely fun to play with friends and family and seems to be in the competitive nature. To see a full list of rules and details about Kan Jam, SEE HERE! With respect to the competitiveness, fun, and casualness of this Kan Jam beach game- we recommend this as a 5/5 Star rating. See Below for more information about Kan Jam and we hope that this is the right Beach Sport Game for you, Good Luck!

VideoCheck out this Kan Jam Tutorial Video
SkillsCasual, Fun, and Competitive Sport.
Buy NowThis is a really fun Kan-Jam product that is great for the beach, BBQ's, Tailgates, and outside fun. Buy the Kan-Jam Set.

"We played this game all summer long at parties and BBQ's. Great outdoor game that keeps people moving and is a ton of fun. Super easy to learn and get the hang of and you can make it easier or harder simply by moving the Kans closer to one another." - Bayrard (Amazon/Verified Purchase)

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